About Blood Moon Dungeon

High Priestess Amber Cage is an Alchemist of hidden occult forces- bringing the elements together in order to manifest the reality which She desires. Amber enchants & mesmerizes Her way into the minds, hearts & wallets of men. Do you dare to learn the pleasures of those lucky males?

Amber summoned Her spellbound slave, doormat, & commanded him to rent Her a house & build Her a dungeon from scratch. Lucky for you, doormat has been slaving away, creating contraptions which bind the body, while Mistress Cage creates scenarios that bind the mind

session sluts   ||   service slaves

how does one gain entry?


If you hope to earn entry into Amber's lair, then you must first prove yourself worthy of being in Her sacred space



-Before you enter Amber's dwelling, you will be thoroughly vetted

-you must session with Her Majesty (hotel or car) before She will consider allowing you into Her lair

-Once vetted, slaves will be picked up at an undisclosed location, blindfolded & driven to the dungeon



There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this protocol

This is a well equipped PERSONAL play space, NOT a commercial dungeon


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