Pro Tips for Meeting a  Goddess

Before you message Amber, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are looking for... As She is both a lifestyle & professional Domina- there are many potential paths that may be explored

Rules of Engagement



-Always speak with respect.. this should be obvious

-Make humble requests, NOT demands

-DO NOT refer to a Domina as "BABE"🙄

-DO NOT haggle- if you cannot afford to experience Amber's domination, it is suggested that you respectfully indicate that. There is a big difference between: "what will you do for $100?" VS "Mistress Amber, I cannot currently afford your session rates, may we discuss other options?" Inquiring respectfully does NOT guarantee that Amber will cater to your needs

🚩*NOTE* about mutual respect: 

you will find that Amber is quite approachable & personable (when She wants to be).  She truly appreciates genuine & loyal slaves- trust & respect are key to this experience


-Know what you are seeking from this experience

-Express yourself clearly

-Be specific, NOT explicit

-Be respectful, NOT creepy


-Before you enter Amber's dwelling, you will be thoroughly vetted

-you must session with Her Majesty (hotel or car) before She will consider allowing you into Her lair

-Once vetted, slaves will be picked up at an undisclosed location, blindfolded & driven to the dungeon



There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this protocol

What you Need to Consider BEFORE Meeting


Choose your approach- are you seeking a professional session, or to serve as a loyal personal slave? If you are thinking of serving personally but are unsure, you may always begin with a fetish session & work into being owned


Know yourself so you can express your interests clearly.  your ability to express your needs, drives & desires will directly correlate with Amber's ability to personalize your experience. If you are vague then you will get a general, non-specific (but always fun) experience. If you are able to articulate your fantasy, there is a better chance of it coming true


🚩*NOTE* While Amber encourages the expression & exploration of your desires, ultimately, SHE is in charge & will do as She pleases


Have an idea of when you would like to book. Check Amber's Schedule against your own before you reach out. Come up with 2 dates & times that would work with both schedules. Let Her know whether you are interested in meeting in the Bethpage, NY area for a carmeet or incall


Email to Book a Session! 

Or >>> CLICK HERE <<< to SERVE

Email Amber at:

-session interests (be specific, not explicit)
-2 days & times you are available to meet
-half hour or hour?
-carmeet, incall or outcall?
-any other relevant information


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